Stress Management

“A general and basic introduction about how everyone can manage stress

People can use strategies to deal with personal and interpersonal challenges. The concious effort to apply these strategies in order to control stress or conflicts is called coping.

There are several different strategies, and is possible to make a distinction between positive and negative ones.

Positive is when the strategy used is constructive, and the person feel an increase of the control of the stressors. Differently one strategy is called negative when is maladaptive and may lead to a reduction in perceived control.

Negative Strategies:

  • Denial or Escape
  • Anxious Avoidance
  • Self-blaming
  • Drug abuse or Violence
  • Withdrawal

Positive Stategies:

  • Avoid unnecessary stress (i.e. spread out the changes)
  • Contructive problem solving (i.e. time planning)
  • Adapt the stressor (i.e. use sense of humor)
  • Accept the stressor (i.e. be realistic about what you can do)
  • Relaxing techniques (i.e. meditation)
  • Healthy Lifestyle (i.e. having an healthy diet)
  • Social support (i.e. share with family and friends)

The strategies of coping can be also divided in three types. The first ones are focus on the evaluation of the stressor (the humor but also the denial for example), the second ones are focus directly on reducing or eliminating the problem (acting directly with the source of the stress) and the third ones are focus on the emotions that usually accompany the perception of stress (meditation but also escape or avoidance).

From a systemic view can be really important to explore every own personal contexts.

A person can experiment high amount of stress and suffering loss of control during ordinary life tasks (i.e. interaction with colleagues or normal job responsabilities) because of using maladaptive strategies or unconscious defense mechanisms in an other context of his/her life (i.e. denial of problems in the relationship or escpe from parenthood responsabilities).

Is useful to be aware about all the contexts of own personal life in order to accept the stressors and try to cope in a good way.

Luca Lombardo

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